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Climate change. "Alternative Facts." Building a more resilient Bay Area. Training the next generation to fight for clean air and clean water. These are the reasons New Voices needs you this year.

Each year, New Voices are Rising trains 16 high school students in a 6-week intensive environmental justice program called the Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy. The events of this past year have made this work more vital then ever, and we are eager to train this year's cohort of Oakland youth to develop their knowledge about climate change and environmental issues while still gaining sills, experience, and a paycheck.

In addition to covering program expenses, your support also makes participation possible for the students. Each student is placed at an externship site and receives a stipend for their work there. This stipend is crucial for many of our students, and they would not be able to participate in the program without it. This means that your donation is making a concrete, positive impact: you are making it possible for students - that otherwise would not get the chance - to learn about and work for environmental justice. You are building the movement. So click the "Donate" button above, or visit one of our crowdfunders' pages below to support their campaign. Your donation makes the difference!

Special thanks to New Resource Bank for giving our campaign a flying head start with a $2,000 donation.


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